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We specialize in the installation of all types of natural stone and brick pavers. Stone pavers are versatile and look beautiful on any property.

Stone Pavers 

The use of Long Island Stone Pavers in creating features in your backyard can have immense aesthetic and functionality impacts. At All Seasons Paving and Masonry, we help you bring out the true beauty of your landscape with the careful installation of Long Island paver walkways, stone and pool patios. There is no denying the strategic advantages of using stone pavers to construct your walkways and patios:

1.They can be used to pull off beautiful, intricate designs in your backyard. This is because stone pavers come in different shapes and types. Granite, porphyry, bluestone and marble come in varying colors and are the best bet for your stone and pool patios as well as walkways. Depending on the theme you would like to splash in your outdoors space, they will be installed in different shapes, styles and colors. Of course the strength of the stone paver material has to be considered in determining the ideal location for it in your landscaping venture.

Stone easily blends with the outdoors environment and when used to build a pool patio, can bring out a unique quality to your compound.

At All Seasons Paving and Masonry, we give your Long Island paver walkways the finish that will easily blend with the aesthetic needs of the entire compound. Thermal as well as cleft are just some of the finishes we consider for Long Island property owners.

2.The durability of stone pavers as landscaping elements cannot be put to doubt. When you choose an appropriate contractor like us, you can be sure that your stone or pool patios will be installed competently and that their durability will hold for a long time.

Stone materials can withstand harsh weather elements like heat and rain much better than wood, for example which rots away after a short while.
With this durability, you can rest easy knowing that your budget will not be dented by the constant need for repairs or even total overhauls after a few months. All Seasons Paving and Masonry employs the use of high quality stone pavers be they in their natural form or slightly polished.}

While stone lasts a great deal, the care it is given also matters. For instance, walkways made of marble pavers when installed in low-traffic areas last for years.
All Seasons Paving and Masonry carefully analyses the best kind of stone for your circumstances and strives to install it with the highest professionalism possible. Your pool patio will be great with marble stone pavers while bluestone makes the perfect choice for gardens and walkways.

These two outstanding features of Long Island stone paving make them the ideal choice for landscaping needs. Home owners and commercial property owners are motivated by the desires of low costs in the long run and achievement of visual aesthetics.
If you are in Long Island and have the need for construction of walkways and pool patios, All Seasons Paving and Masonry is your ideal partner. You can be sure of affordability and complete satisfaction when all is said and done.

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