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Guided by the virtues of quality workmanship and customer satisfaction, we are in the business of constructing high quality walkways, driveways, retaining walls, patios, tennis courts, parking lots as well as fireplaces.

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Asphalt Driveways

Did you know that an asphalt paved driveway or walkway can last for up to 50 years if properly installed and maintained? If you are in Long Island, NY, then All Seasons Paving and Masonry is the best Long Island asphalt company to install your asphalt paving.

Paver Steps and Stoops

All Seasons Paving & Masonry can reface or even enlarge your existing Long Island Paver Steps and Stoops in a manner that matches your needs. We use a wide range of materials including paving stones as well as natural and cultured stone veneer for step and stoop construction.

Paver Walkways

All Seasons Paving and Masonry allows you to create stunning and functional walkways by selecting from our wide range of pavers with attractive patterns and colors that complement the architecture of your home.


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Highest Quality Materials and Services

From driveways to paver bricks, patios to patios and walkways to walkways — no project is too big for All Seasons Paving and Masonry. We can do it all for you with the highest quality materials, fair prices, and outstanding workmanship. All Seasons Paving and Masonry will work with you from start to finish to make sure your dream driveway, patio or walkway is exactly what you envisioned.

When you have a vision for your property, it's easy to be overwhelmed by the many options and decisions that come with it. That's why All Seasons Paving and Masonry will walk you through all of your options. We'll find out what you're looking for, what your budget is, and we'll match those needs with the best design and ideas for your space.


We Deliver Quality Asphalt, Paving and Masonry Work With A Creative Approach

We are proud to provide the Long Island community with a full range of paving and masonry services. No matter what your needs, you can always count on us for quality craftsmanship, free estimates, and prompt, professional service.


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My driveway came out better than expected. All Seasons recommended several changes that didn't affect my price but made the driveway much better than I had thought to make it. Thanks to the whole All Seasons team! I'm very happy!

Lisa Manor


We absolutely love our walkway! They were very professional and gave us great advice. The installation team was very polite and professional. We would definitely recommend All Seasons for anyone looking for pavers, bricks, walkways, etc.

Mike O'Neill


We had our walkway installed by All Seasons. We are very pleased with the final result. Quality of workmanship, timeliness, and price all worked well together for us. They listened to our ideas for what we want.

Angela Bellucci



We are proud installers of these quality products

Quality driveways, patios and walkways are only made with quality products. Our team of professionals will be there to help you through the entire process from understanding your needs, helping you design what you want and then choosing and installing the correct style of paver for your project. We are the best at what we do, and with decades of experience in pavers, we will do everything possible to make sure you are fully satisfied with your new construction or upgrade.


How long does an asphalt driveway last?

An asphalt driveway can last for 20 years or more depending on its exposure to the sun and other elements.

Is asphalt better than concrete for driveways?

Both asphalt and concrete are common choices for driveway materials. Asphalt tends to be the more affordable option and is easier to install than concrete paving. Concrete can be more durable and longer-lasting.

What is the average asphalt paving cost ?

There are many factors involved in the cost of paving, but you can be sure All Seasons will be the most competitively priced while guaranteeing a 5 star review service! 

How do I maintain my asphalt driveway?

Your asphalt driveway can be maintained by sweeping it regularly and keeping the trees and shrubs away from it.

How long does it take work on a driveway?

To be able to provide an accurate time frame, we will require more information to be provided by you. Please call us so that we can get this information to provide you with a better time frame.

Do pavers increase home value?

Pavers are a great way to give your home an attractive, durable, and functional driveway. They are highly valued both as a functional and aesthetic asset to your home. However, pavers do have some drawbacks. If you have a very small budget and you want to save on cost, you may want to consider asphalt or concrete paving.

Can pavers be installed in other areas, such as pool decks?

Yes, you can install pavers on driveways, pool decks, walkways and ground floors of homes.

Is asphalt good to use in walkways?

When it comes to walkways, the best choice is to use concrete due to its durability. However, asphalt can also work in a pinch, but is less expensive and more temporary.

What is the safest choice for a walkway?

The safest choice for a walkway would be to install a brick or stone paver. This option is the safest because of its slip resistance, which prevents falls.

How do I choose a paving and masonry contractor?

The factors to consider when choosing a paving and masonry contractor are:

1. The contractor's equipment.

2. The contractor's experience.

3. The contractor's cost.

4. The contractor's professionalism.

5. The contractor's communication.

6. The contractual obligations.

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