While no two jobs are alike, please view our basic paving procedure below.

Our Long Island Asphalt Paving Process

At All Seasons Paving and Masonry, we strive to remain the best Long Island Paving Company by following a tried and tested process:

1. We prepare the surface by removing any old, existent paving or loose stones and gravel.

2. Our technicians appreciate the importance of grading the ground to achieve an ideal drainage quality for your tennis court or parking lot. At All Seasons and Paving, we do not continue with the process unless it has been confirmed through tests that optimal drainage for the paving has been achieved.

3. To ensure that your driveway, walkway or parking lot will be set on a sturdy surface, we compact the soil using appropriate equipment like a twin drum roller.

4. We cannot install the paving on bare soil. Therefore, we cover up the base with an ample quantity of crushed rock. Since our driveway company thinks of the drainage capacity of your asphalt paving, the crushed rock has to be jagged and coarse. Usually, the type of soil in your compound will determine the amount/layers of rock that we will lay at the base. We endeavor to pack the crushed rock and make into the subsoil for your asphalt paving.

5. The base of crushed rock has to be allowed to settle well. At All Seasons Paving and Masonry we do not rush to finish off the job at the expense of long term durability. When the base settles perfectly, the paving will last longer than it would if this process were entirely skipped.

6. When the surface is ready for the installation of asphalt, we help you decide the best thickness for your needs. Generally, if the walkway, driveway, tennis court or parking lot will be used by a lot more people, it will require thicker paving to withstand the traffic. In residential settings, driveways and walkways can do with lesser asphalt. We will discuss this with you.

7. When it is already installed, we compact the asphalt with a roller of appropriate weight and then treat the edges of the paving; these should be at 45 degrees.

All Seasons Paving and Masonry gives you value for every dollar spent and ensures that its asphalt paving process is followed to the letter for effective results. We work closely with you to ensure that we understand what you expect of the Long Island walkway or Long Island asphalt driveway. Our workmanship aims at giving you the assurance of durability when